Freethought and Critical Thinking

This writer finds it frightening that our country's top political leader uses every speech as an opportunity to come off sounding like an evangelical preacher. It's not hard to believe that the current brouhaha about same sex marriage is to distract the masses from the real problems.

The USA was founded as a secular country; the Constitution, the foundation from which our laws derive, does not mention a religious being. In fact, the Constitution quite explicitly points out that the power derives from the people. His implication that his decisions come from some "higher authority" apparently accounts for his unwillingness or inability to admit that any decisions, especially the current Iraq debacle, have been less than optimum choices.

The idea that the nation is led by someone so uncomfortable with logic and so blind to the possibility of error is truly frightening. This attitude, coupled with all manner of secrecy in government and constant attempts to undermine civil liberties moves Mr. Bush to the bottom of my candidate list.

D. W. Thomas September 2004