Stem Cell Irony

Alas, yesterday my irony meter was not only burned out but utterly charred. Our #1 man in the White House again vetoed an attempt to strengthen research efforts using stem cells. This is technology that many researchers believe may hold a key to curing or improving length and/or quality of life for those with diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or other similar medical conditions. Accompanying this veto was a statement no doubt intended to sound very noble:

"Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical. "

I am still in shock that these words could be uttered by the leader whose administration has, via much conniving and deceit, thrown us into a pre-emptive invasion of another country that has resulted in the death (at this writing*) of 3545 American soldiers along with hundreds of thousands of civilians.

So this is GWB's "culture of life." Apparently in Shrubland, microscopic blobs of undifferentiated cells are more important than walking, breathing men, women and children. I think that if this were a real culture of life, he and his VP would be impeached and hauled off to the Hague, along with our former defense secretary, for war crimes trials. But all the Right Wingers can relax, it will likely never happen (after all, secure oil supplies come first).

D. W. Thomas 21 June 2007

* See the Iraqi Coalition Casualty Count for the latest military losses.