Pie Crust

An easy one similar to the New Basic Cookbook

dwt 29 November 2000


2cups unbleached flour 1tspsalt
8Tbsbutter (1 stick), cold, cut into pieces 6Tbsvegetable shortening, cold (Crisco)


Combine flour and salt in a mixing bowl.  Add pieces of butter and shortening. Using a pastry cutter, work quickly and cut in the ingredients until the mixture takes on a crumb-like appearance.  Sprinkle the milk over the dry ingredients and gather the dough into a ball.  Gathering handfuls of the dough, place them on a lightly floured surface and smear them out with the heel of the hand to stretch the butter pockets for flakier crust.  When all the dough has been "smooshed" around, gather it into two equal size blobs.  Flatten these a bit and chill them for about 30 minutes.

Place one of the blobs on a lightly floured surface and roll it out to an approximately 11 or 12 inch circle.  Transfer it to a 9 inch pie pan or plate (I use Pyrex(tm) for pumpkin pie) and press it into the bottom and sides.  For a single crust pie, trim the edge to about a 3/4 inch overhang, fold it under and crimp it with the tines of a fork.  You're now ready for the pumpkin filling.