Grandmom Thomas' Pumpkin Pie

An old family favorite -- Note: This is a spicy, serious pumpkin pie!
Be sure to have lots of whipped cream at the ready.

dwt 11.29.2000


1large can (or 4 cups fresh) pumpkin cupdark molasses
4 eggs 1tsp each: nutmeg, allspice, ginger, cinnamon
1cupsbrown sugar (packed) cupwhite sugar
tspsalt 2cupsmilk (if pumpkin is thin, decrease milk)


Start preheating the oven to 375 F (191 C).  Beat eggs in a small bowl until light and frothy. Put pumpkin in a large mixing bowl, and add molasses, spices, sugars and salt.  Beat until thoroughly mixed and smooth. (You may want to back off a bit on the spices, especially the ginger, until you get a feel for how this comes out.)

Add the beaten eggs, then stir in the milk.  (Use low speed if using a mixer -- this can splash.)  Pour into two unbaked nine inch pie shells.

Place the pies on a level shelf in the preheated oven.  After ten minutes decrease the oven temperature to around 325 F (163 C).  Pies are done when filling is set in the center and glazed on top -- approximately an hour.

Allow to cool, cut and smother with fresh whipped cream -- it just doesn't get any better.

There is a bit of a story here.  Grandmom was of the generation (born ca 1875) that would disappear into the kitchen, scoop some stuff together, and >>poof<< a pie would appear.  At various times, family members or inlaws would ask for the recipe.  She would say "oh, next time I make one I'll write it down."  Consequently, different members of the next generation, having obtained the recipe at different times, produce pies with color ranging from a golden oak tone to that of roofing tar!  This one is a sort of middle-of-the-road version, a nice walnut color.

Some of today's generation (my Fair Spouse among them) find this recipe a little too dramatic flavor-wise.  The sort of thing that my dad used to say would "put hair on your chest!" [sorry ladies :-) ]  You may want to start slow and work up on the spices.