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Yes, they are twins!

A poem written by Mom while
watching Dad working in the garden:

Dad & Mom

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Old Man Planting
Spring Flowering Bulbs

Such belief!

Withered foliage blows about;
Bare tree limbs reach toward the sky;
Autumn leaves in massive heaps
'Wait the truck that's coming by.

Never mind the creaking knees,
The hands not steady as before.
Bend and dig in rich brown earth;
Put the bulbs to bed once more.

Let the snows and sleet that fall
Cover soil in icy white,
As you pull the covers close
Thru the frigid wintry night.

When the March sun warms the world,
You expect to greet the spring,
As bright petals then unfurled
Reward the faith to which you cling.

Blessings on you!

-- © 1995 "Mom"

Mom & Dad