Railroads and Railroading

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East Broad Top
A narrow gage line still running (a little) near
Mt. Union, PA. The state could use a little
urging to preserve this complete RR, shops and all.
EBT #15
WM on Turntable Western Maryland
Running trips between Cumberland and Frostburg, MD.
Shown being turned on the "armstrong" turntable on
a dreary, drizzly day at the Frostburg Depot.
Locomotive 734 was built by Baldwin in 1926.
Lackawanna Station
  -- Scranton, PA

An interior shot for just a hint of what the hey-day of rail travel was like.
This building is now a Radisson Hotel near the Steamtown National Historic Site in the downtown area. Portions of existing structures including a roundhouse have been incorporated into the museum at Steamtown. Trips run behind steam and diesel.
Lackawanna Station

Railroading in Italy

A fantastic way to get around to the major and minor cities.

RR sign RR station
At Trastevere
on the outskirts of Rome
Train at Valle Aurelia

Railroad Links

The NMRA, model railroading. That and full size railroads, another potential obsession!

Occasionally the Asylum Photographer gets steamed-up over railroad subjects. You will find some classic railroad shots from the 1960s and 1970s scattered through his Oldies Gallery on PBase.

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