A Reed Organ

Parlor Organ Parlor Organ

Wilcox & White Organ Co.

Built ca. 1890 in Meriden Connecticut.


This poor instrument was gutted of its pneumatics in a "restoration" some number of years ago, with a variable speed electric unit supplying suction. It is intended that the foot-operated exhausters and reservoir will be synthesized during an overhaul when time permits. A few pallets (note valves) have collapsed and the bass end is unplayable.
The bass/treble split occurs at E/F. There are two sets of reeds with many tricks played through mutes and linkages to provide a bunch of "stops."

Bass: Viola, Clariana, Melodia -- Octave Bass (coupler), Diapason Forte (mute)

Treble: Diapason, Dulciana, Vox Jubiletta -- Octave Coupler, Principal Forte (mute)

Tricks: Vox Humana - an airmotor-driven fan near the treble end sound egress to provide a tremolo effect.

Knee Pedals: left: Full Organ -- right: Swell

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