Music-Related Items

The Internet Cello Society a global community of cellists --
ICS maintains a series of Bulletin Board Forums where all sorts of cello-related questions can be answered.

A major music series in Philadelphia -- The Bach Festival brings world-class performers to town and combines them with some of the best resident musical resources -- organs, performance spaces, etc.

Community Music School, located in Trappe, PA, is exactly as its name implies, a great place to find instruction for numerous musical instruments. Ye Olde Webmeister has taken cello lessons there. CMS has expanded its facility and now holds a concert series in its new recital hall.

The ROS, as in Reed Organ Society, has a Web page with information about the Society. The ROS encourages preservation and restoration of reed organs and provides a forum to discuss history, repair, and restoration of these old instruments. The ROS mailing list is a fabulous resource for anyone attempting repairs or looking for parts or information on an instrument.

ROS member John Estell maintains a site on Reed Organs, yup, those old foot-pumped parlor instruments. This site emphasizes the traditional "American" (vacuum operated) instrument, with an emphasis on instruments by Estey. John has some sound files and many links to other reed organ information.

Ye Olde Webmeister has for some time now been dabbling with the cello Prior to that he has had some entanglement with harpsichord, having built a kit. We also have a reed organ here awaiting a restoration Real Soon Now(tm).

Last Updated : 24 June 2007